Sunday, 23 June 2013

How to make the old umbrella dryer an outdoor umbrella.

Hello friends,

Summer is here whit it’s hot and rainy days, however the DIY Man has solution for all surprises that summer holdsJ. Today I am going to show you how to make an autdoor umbrella from your old umbrella dryer.

Materials needed:
- Old drier.
- Metal button screws.
- Oilcloth/ Cover.
- Hot silicon gun.

If you have an old dryer that is worn out or have been replaced with a new one, now is the time to give it a new life.
In general dryers are inverse umbrellas, though upside down, but in our case we will convert it into a large and beautiful garden shade.
First you need to cut the top,slid the whole mechanism and turn it upside down.
Then, screws the upper gripper ring still to the tube in order to let the lower ring to move up and down and to be able to open and close the umbrella. GOOD!
Now when you have the umbrella skeleton is time to attach the slickerto the frame with the buttonsscrews, but first cut four accurate size triangles from the fabric. They need to be screwed to the four metal arms overhead, then for a better finishuse hot siliconto glue all corners and make sure that the umbrella won’t leak.
To test for leaking pore over a water…..just in case :).
When you are finished you can sit under the umbrella with a cold beer and enjoy the weather :).

Good luck!

How to make bird feeder

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to show you how to make bird feeder. The idea I borrowed from an image that I saw on internet, so I decide to give it a try and as it turn out to be a success I decided to share it with you.

The materials:

- Plastic bottle or jar.
- Two wooden spoons.
- Piece of garden hose
- Small chain.
- Hot silicone gun.
- Bird Food.

First you need to cut two holes into the bottle/ jar, the same size as the slimmest part of the spoon.  Directly opposite from the first two cut another two holes, slightly bigger (see image).
Next you need to cut two pieces of the rubber hose, rip them in half and stuff them into the slots, as shown on the picture.  I did this in order to make it safer for the birds. To attach the hose to the bottle I used hot silicon in order to prevent it from falling apart.
When you are done with this, take the spoons and tuck them into the holes. Good for you :)!
Next you need to drill a small hole in the top of the cap of the bottle insert the chain. This will be the hanger for your bird feeder. Congratulations, you have done a good jobJ!
Poor in seeds screw the cap and hang your feeder in an appropriate place.
The birds will sing and enjoy the nice feeder.

And again, don’t hesitate to ask me if there is any questions.


The DIY Man