Saturday, 14 December 2013

How to make a fountain in the garden

Hey there friends,

Again for the lovers of DIY, this is my latest project. You can build a fountain from whatever you want, you'll just
need a little creativity and technical skills of course. 


10 queen bricks 10sm wide
PVA adhesive
pump at a rate of 1 metre height
pipe spout / optional /

So let's get started. Take every brick and process it with a chisel and hammer and strive to achieve the effect of stone. / look at the picture /

After we shaped the bricks, already starting to join them together with adhesive. For the bricks who stand for transversely cascade water and put reinforcement iron. Does not necessarily make the same shape. Get creative and invent your own form of the fountain. You can excavate the bricks and make flower beds. The advantage of a queen bricks is that can be modeled as you want. SUPER !!! So far we have a built the basis and now is time to start with the creative part to paint the fountain. Before you start to paint you must primed with PVA adhesive. Then paint and dry out paint again primed with adhesive. Very well! 
Comes the testing of water. Pre-route as hose from the pump to the spout is time to work. plug into the socket. Great run but water go a little haywire. Level the fountain and now everything is Ok. 
CONGRATULATIONS! You have a fountain that works. Remember that, this is a unique fountain that you will not find in the major stores made in China:)

From DIY

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